New Era? Changing Eco-Consciousness

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, December 22, 2021
New Era? Changing Eco-Consciousness

Ukrainian ecological consciousness is changing thanks to schoolchildren and youth projects that are noticed not only within the country

Social projects have been widely spread in Ukraine for a long time. Competitions are organized every year for their presentation and promotion. Among the most striking of these are the Ananas social advertising festival, the all-Ukrainian competition Your Eye, and Let’s Save the Future of Youth. These competitions give students the opportunity to change the environment:

  • To suggest innovative ways of purifying water or air;
  • Talk about the regenerative potential of Ukrainian land;
  • Present their developments, etc.

Ukraine is also conducting similar projects for the younger generation. Schoolchildren between the ages of 10 and 17 are actively involved in changing the ecological consciousness of the country by creating posters, developing projects, and starting up projects.

In 2021, schoolchildren from all over Ukraine could participate in the large-scale Waste Management School Recycling festival. A total of 137 schoolchildren participated in the project. A total of 99 videos were sent to the contest, promoting conscious consumerism, the need to sort garbage, etc. To encourage and further motivate schoolchildren, all winners were given valuable prizes. This year, children received sublimation printers. Another schoolgirl from Ukraine this year launched her eco-project, Green City, with the help of Instagram. The schoolgirl set up a mini-farm right in her house. In the vegetable “garden,” the activist grows microgreens and sells them to anyone who wants to receive natural vitamins all year long. 

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