Europe Closes to Russia

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, August 6, 2022
Europe Closes to Russia

Several countries have cancelled the visas of Russians, blocked the issuance of new ones, and are also introducing regulations on the participation of Russians in the business of the state

Georgia is developing a legislative framework for cardinal changes in international relations with Russia. What does Georgia want?

  • Introduce a visa regime for Russian citizens;
  • Limit the sale of land and real estate to citizens of the aggressor country and the related issue of the right of residence of Russians in Georgia;
  • Put under control the registration of business for Russians in Georgia.

The Lelo party, at a government briefing, said that the situation with the expansion of influence is more difficult than many used to think. Therefore, it is time to limit the presence and rights of Russia in Georgia.

"The situation in the country is much more complicated than it seems at first glance. It is urgent to take concrete measures so that the state begins to control the flow of visitors to Georgia, especially from the occupying country. Lelo takes the initiative to introduce the following restrictions for citizens of the Russian Federation and those countries involved in military aggression against Ukraine. The first is to introduce a temporary visa regime. The second is to limit and control as much as possible the purchase of land and another real estate in Georgia and the issue of the right to reside. And the third is to put the registration of business under strict control," Salome Samadashvili, representative of the Lelo party.

According to MP Nini Tsuladze, as of July 18 of this year, 3.389 citizens of the Russian Federation have registered ownership of 3.040 real estate objects in Georgia. The legislative proposal has already been submitted to parliament.

Bulgaria followed in the footsteps of Georgia, Estonia and Latvia. Despite the fact that thousands of Russians regularly vacation in Bulgaria, and now the country is in the tourist season, the country still decided to suspend the issuance of tourist visas to Russians. The information was officially confirmed by the Association of tour operators of Russia. At the end of June, Bulgaria expelled 70 diplomats and technical staff from the Russian embassy. Representatives of the Russian government complain that the functioning of the embassy and consulates is now "virtually paralyzed."

We remind you that Latvia and Estonia cancelled earlier the visas of Russians. From now on, Russians can only come to the funeral of a close relative, and Estonia did not even make such exceptions. In addition, Estonia calls for the annulment of all Schengen visas for Russians and the cessation of issuing new ones.

In addition, now crossing the EU border has become a difficult task. Since last week, at the EU border controls, Russian citizens began to check the availability of funds on the card at the rate of €100 per 1 day or a card valid in Europe.

Glory to Ukraine!

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