Development of Plogging in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, January 31, 2022
Development of Plogging in Ukraine

How running and garbage collection became popular in Ukraine

Plogging is an ecological movement in which jogging is combined with garbage collection. It only appeared abroad about six years ago in Sweden. A little later, other eco-activists saw the invaluable benefit of such an initiative. And so, plogging becomes popular in Ukraine.

For example, a resident of Kharkiv (a city in the northeast of Ukraine) combines sport with helpful work for the surrounding country. For a run, Preskornyk Serhii is released three times a week. For an hour and a half, it travels about 10 kilometers. But this is not a significant achievement. In this distance, the Ukrainian collects up to five kilograms of garbage. Dozens of residents of Kharkiv have already followed his example.

Kyiv Plogging Club was formed in the capital of Ukraine. Activists discuss critical environmental issues, organize journeys and share ideas.

Focusing on the European community, enthusiasts in Kyiv, Kharkiv, and many other large cities began to unite in the community and go to the leeway in parks and forestry. The bloggers often talk about their achievements on Instagram.

Today in Ukraine, this direction is most actively developed in two of the three existing directions. Ukrainians choose a local direction — cleaning the house in the district. Also, in Ukraine choose mass plogging. This is being developed with the help of volunteers. Activists gather people who want to join the planned events.

The regional director is being developed by collecting persons willing to learn the current peculiarities. But there aren’t many of them now. Because more of them have joined the flow in the early years.

Plogging can be a good alternative for those who want to keep themselves in shape. At the same time, active Ukrainians can change the environmental situation in the country for the better.

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