Development of the Military Procurement Organisation

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, March 20, 2023
Development of the Military Procurement Organisation

Representatives of the Ukrainian and Norwegian Defence procurement agencies signed a letter of intent

On March 20, as part of the 4-day visit of the Ukrainian Defense procurement agency to Oslo, was held a meeting with the director of the Norwegian Defence materiel agency Gro Jære and the deputy head of the investment department at NDMA Tore Kvalvik.

The Ukrainian DPA was created in July 2022. And today, the parties from Ukraine and Norway agreed to exchange experience in military procurement. At the same time, Norway will help Ukraine conduct projects in accordance with Western standards and reorient to more progressive and safe procurement.

DPA was created under the Ministry of defence of Ukraine and, since last December, has been cooperating with Transparency International to combat corruption schemes and transparency of investment flows.

"That is why it is a consistent theme in our support for Ukrainian DPA to build integrity into their procurement procedures, so that they reduce the risk of corruption or other unwanted incidents," Tore Kvalvik.

According to Gro Jære, the NDPA also received tools from the Ukrainian delegation to use in its further work.

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