Development Priorities of Ukrainian Coal Companies in 2022

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, December 28, 2021
Development Priorities of Ukrainian Coal Companies in 2022

The three coal communities have already begun the transformation with economic diversion

In the center of Ukraine, in the Dnipro region, some mines decided to take care of economic stability in advance. Because it can't depend only on coal sales itself. Coal mining requires far more resources. That is why the Mykolayiv, Petropavlivsk, and Pershotravneva coal communities have already adopted development and economic growth programs for the next few years.

These mines were able to find alternative development paths with the help of the Astar agency for sustainable development. The company surveyed the mines and prepared optimal projects for the next 3 years. Under the new projects, it would be possible not only to find new sources of financing but also to attract investment.

The mines and their territory will completely change the profile. The coal enterprises will be replaced by companies capable of using the territory and its resources in economic terms, as well as providing employment opportunities for Ukrainians.

The Yuvileyna in the small town of Perschotravensk, Dnipro region, will be turned into a modern industrial park. On the park's territory, there will be installed greenhouse complexes, bioethanol plants.

Studies have shown that the land is still fertile. Large agricultural complexes can also be established in this and other mines. Vegetables and fruits can be grown in vacant lots. In the zone of Petropavlivskа mines, the possibility of creating agricultural machinery repair services is considered.

Mykolaiv mine is considering alternative sources of income. Their program provides the possibility of heating modernization of housing and social infrastructure units.

The responsibility for changing the economic routes of mines has been assumed by one of the largest private corporations in Ukraine in energy.

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