“Devoxx Ukraine” 2021: Development & Sustainability

by Vladyslava Zhabrovets
Wednesday, October 6, 2021
“Devoxx Ukraine” 2021: Development & Sustainability

On November 19 - 20 an international conference for developers “Devoxx” will take place in Ukraine to discuss the ways to contribute to sustainable development

The history of Devoxx starts in 2011. In recent years the conference has been regularly held in Britain, Belgium, France, Poland, Greece, Morocco, Belarus, and Ukraine. Last year's Devoxx Ukraine was the first event in the series to go completely online and gather more than 10.000 listeners.

Although traditionally Devoxx reports focus on Java development, the conference program always includes topics on Cloud, DevOps, Reactive Systems, Microservices, Machine Learning, and other popular areas.

This year, the organizers and partners of Devoxx, which will take place on November 19 and 20, invite participants to look at the world of development from a new angle how engineering talents can ensure sustainable development of society and help save our planet from irreversible change. The goal of this year's Devoxx in Ukraine is to provide a platform for dialogue and exchange of ideas at the intersection of technologies and environmental protection

The bulk of Devoxx reports is full of ideas for sustainable development. During the two-day marathon of nine thematic tracks through the prism of technology, the discussion will be centered on current issues in the field of urban planning, the impact of growing computing power on the environment, resource management, global pandemic, etc. that directly affect our lives. Of course, it will also include such topics as IT development, cybersecurity and the evolution of Java.

Participants will see performances by Tom van Arman, the founder of a smart hub in Amsterdam, whose team specializes in creating smart solutions for cities; Josh Long, a Spring evangelist and one of Devoxx's most popular speakers in recent years; Dr. Venkat Subramaniam, author of a number of books on Java, JavaScript, .Net and Agile; Grace Jansen, IBM's Developer Advocate with a combination of development and sustainable development projects.

For the sake of safety of the participants, this year’s Devoxx Ukraine is held online on an updated platform for broadcasting reports and interaction of participants, so listening to speakers and communicating with like-minded people will be even more convenient. In addition, the online format has significantly expanded the geography of Ukrainian Devoxx. About 40% of participants are from Central and Eastern Europe: Germany, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Poland, the Czech Republic, and other countries in the region.

Participation in Devoxx Ukraine remains completely free. To take part in the conference, it is enough to register on the conference website and wait for the invitation.


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