Digital Project “Zero Waste School”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, December 17, 2021
Digital Project “Zero Waste School”

  Ukrainian project trains schoolchildren to take care of the environment by sorting and recycling the garbage

Eco-movement today is not only functional but also fashionable. And it is excellent when it resonates. Like with the students who attend Zero Waste School.

Zero Waste School is a large-scale project to preserve the world’s ecology and natural resources. Since 2021, the project has moved to an online format due to the quarantine regime in the country. But that doesn’t stop the company from launching a new set of initiative students right now. Meetings and classes where children are taught how to properly sort trash, reduce waste, discard plastic and even collect household composting are held regularly.

The project started only in October but can already be marked by such figures:

  • 225 participating schools;
  • 1.175 teachers and adolescents;
  • 208 implemented projects;
  • 2.492 waste sorting tanks placed by participants.

Students at Zero Waste School, in addition to caring for the environment, improve their health. Project participants participate in various sports events. The most notable example of the past year has been the collaboration between the Coca-Cola foundation and the school. In cooperation, pupils and teachers participate in and even develop various educational and sports projects.

The things the Ukrainian digital school does are vital. Because following the Association Agreement with the EU, Ukraine must pass legislation applying Extended producer liability. That means that people have to learn to separate the garbage, and the state has to do its best to provide all facilities for it.

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