Digitization of school education

Friday, August 27, 2021

The Ministry of education and science of ukraine has introduced electronic certificates of primary education

The Ministry of education and science of Ukraine has approved the procedure for preparation, issuance and accounting of documents on primary education. The corresponding order.

From now on, education documents will be issued at each level of complete general secondary education, as required by the law on Complete General Secondary Education.

A new procedure for ordering, manufacturing and receiving has been introduced for primary education certificates. The entire process of ordering, manufacturing and accounting for primary education certificates will be carried out in electronic form.

At the request of parents, the school will issue them a paper copy of the electronic certificate, certified by the signature of the school principal and stamped (on a sheet of A4 paper), within 5 days after their application. It is also not necessary to order a duplicate certificate: if parents lose a paper copy, they can go to school to get a copy again.

The results of the annual assessment and state final certification of students will be reflected in the Certificate of achievement.

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