Israel Blows Up Iranian Drone Gathering Warehouse

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, October 23, 2022
Israel Blows Up Iranian Drone Gathering Warehouse

On October 23, Israel attacked the airport in Dimas, where Iranian militants were collecting drones for transfer to Russia

According to the Iranian SOHR media, Israeli forces attacked the airport in the town of Dimas, which was used to equip Iranian military drones with cruise missiles. Now Iranian militants control the airport and use it for their own purposes. In January 2022, components for drones began to arrive at this site. There was also a warehouse with ready-made drones and ammunition.

The Hezbollah terrorist group was drilling in the area around the airport to store its weapons.

Information about the missile attack, which pleases every Ukrainian on Earth, was also confirmed by the Russian media. They report that Israel attacked the airport of Dimas and Damascus. In addition to drones, the YLC-6M radar station and the runway were destroyed.

We remind you that in July, Israel already blew up the same military base of Iranian drones in Damascus.

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