Diia has launched a financial assistance service for PIF and employees

Friday, April 23, 2021
Diia has launched a financial assistance service for PIF and employees

Entrepreneurs can apply for one-time financial assistance from the state in Diia.

The Ministry of finance has developed the technical functionality of payments through Diia. Now the financial assistance service is as automated as possible. You can apply online on the portal and in the Diia application from any part of Ukraine without any queues, collection of certificates and trips to government agencies. Completion of the application is not more than 5 minutes. Users will only need to enter the IBAN of their personal hryvnia account.“The service of applying for financial assistance by self-employed persons and employees has started. As last time, the service is available only in the mobile application and on the Diia portal. Choose a platform that is convenient for you. Simple application form — you will only need to fill in the IBAN number of your personal account. To use the service on your smartphone, be sure to update the application", — said the head of development.

“The service also provides an opportunity to receive additional financial assistance from the local budget. Decisions on the appointment and amount of payment are made by local governments. You can apply within 30 days from the date of introduction of the "red" zone in the area where you operate. If this area was assigned to the "red" zone during February-March 2021 — you can apply until May 18, 2021, inclusive.

There is also a function of paying taxes in a few clicks using your smartphone or laptop. This new feature has the ability for Ukrainian entrepreneurs to make and submit all certificates faster.

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