Drones in Agriculture

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, November 10, 2021
Drones in Agriculture

Farmers around the world increasingly use drones

Now drones can even distinguish healthy plants from those affected by pests or disease so that drones can treat only those needing attention. Drones have been used for crop dusting; now, drones are used to "vaccination" against these diseases. In Europe, drones deliver pheromones to the fields to disrupt the mating cycles of harmful insects. Drones can also monitor the state of crops and detect diseases such as blight in potatoes, potato cyst nematodes, and other pathogens.

Moreover, drones can make a detailed analysis of soil and tell what fertilizers should be applied. Drones provide an aerial image of the terrain and identify which areas need more fertilizer or other types of treatment. Drones can fly drones over the fields with varying details, allowing them to make automatic comparisons between treatments and controls. Drones are still relatively new in agriculture, but drones are now in usage more than ever before.

So far, drones weren't been extensively used for investing-in-ukraine/business-opportunities/agricultural/" rel="dofollow">agricultural purposes due to the high price compared to present technologies. However, drones expect to reduce the cost of agricultural drones in the coming years.

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