DTEK Prepares for Construction of 650 MW Wind Power Plant in Poltava Region

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, June 24, 2024
DTEK Prepares for Construction of 650 MW Wind Power Plant in Poltava Region

DTEK RES is actively working towards the construction of a new wind power plant in the Poltava region, aiming for a capacity of 650 MW

The company is in the process of acquiring the necessary permits and documentation to initiate the project.

Key Highlights

  • Project Timeline: The construction of the Poltava wind power plant is slated to begin in 2025, contingent on obtaining all requisite permits and completing preparatory work.
  • Strategic Advantages: Oleg Solovey, Deputy General Director of DTEK WDE, emphasized the strategic benefits of wind energy, including rapid construction timelines, dispersed turbine placement, and peak generation during autumn to spring. These factors make wind energy a cornerstone for Ukraine's energy recovery strategy.
  • Preparatory Work:
    • Weather Monitoring: A second weather tower has been installed in the Globyn community to aid in wind monitoring. These towers, the largest in Ukraine at 160 meters, will provide crucial data on wind direction and strength.
    • Ornithological Research: Comprehensive ornithological studies have been conducted to ensure the planned layout of wind turbines does not disrupt bird migration patterns. The six-month spring migration monitoring report supports the initial turbine layout, with further studies planned for the autumn migration.
    • Land Allocation: DTEK is engaging with land users to secure plots for five 330kV substations and the wind turbines. This step is crucial for the physical setup of the wind farm.

Project Significance

The Poltava wind power plant project represents a significant step in bolstering Ukraine's renewable energy infrastructure. By leveraging the advantages of wind energy, DTEK aims to enhance the country's energy independence and sustainability. The project's completion will contribute to Ukraine's long-term energy security and its goals for renewable energy integration.


DTEK's preparation for the Poltava wind power plant underscores the company's commitment to expanding renewable energy sources in Ukraine. With strategic planning and thorough preparatory measures, the project is poised to play a pivotal role in the country's energy landscape, aligning with global trends towards sustainable and resilient energy systems.

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