€1 Bln Grant to Ukraine From Germany

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, June 25, 2022
€1 Bln Grant to Ukraine From Germany

Germany will provide financial assistance for priority social and humanitarian expenditures during martial law

The Ministry of finance of Ukraine reported on the support of Germany on the ground. On June 24, the minister of finance of Ukraine Serhii Marchenko, and the Federal minister of Finance of Germany Christian Lindner signed the agreement. The document concerns the governments of 2 countries and the provision of €1 billion financial support to Ukraine.

The Ukrainian side thanked the foreign partners for a sound assessment of the situation and all possible assistance.

"This grant is an extremely significant contribution to the support of our state at this difficult time. We appreciate the help of the German government," said Marchenko.

It is known that finance will be divided between the social and humanitarian spheres. Ukraine planned to fund not only organizations dealing with refugees and resettlers but also support ordinary Ukrainians. Serhii Marchenko notes that the country hopes to receive money soon.

Such support is essential for the Ukrainian people, as they need basic means of survival. Unfortunately, the occupiers allow themselves to attack humanitarian cars and trains. This deprives people of food, water, and medicine. At the same time, the country launched several housing projects for internally displaced refugees.

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