€3 Mln for Ensuring the Nuclear Safety of Ukraine

by Olha Povalaieva
Friday, January 27, 2023
€3 Mln for Ensuring the Nuclear Safety of Ukraine

Catherine Colonna about decisions France implemented/will implement for the protection of Ukraine and the fair punishment of war criminals

On January 26, France's minister of foreign affairs, Catherine Colonna, was on a diplomatic visit to Odesa — the Ukrainian pearl on the Black sea is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. During a press conference with MFA of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba, Colonna voiced several decisions that Ukraine can count on.

  • France invests €3 million in the sphere of nuclear security of Ukraine;
  • The government, led by Emanuel Macron, supports the peace formula by Zelenskyy and will use it as a basis for the development of diplomatic relations between Ukraine and France;
  • In April, the state will hand over to Ukraine an additional mobile DNA laboratory to investigate sexual crimes by Russians against Ukrainians. Currently, experts from the UK are already working in Ukraine to collect evidence of Russian crimes, and they will be handed over to the international tribunal against Putin.
  • The question of providing Ukraine with Leclerc tanks is on the agenda of the MoD of France. There is no answer yet, but "no solution is impossible."

"But the facts are the facts: in this war there is an aggressor, and there is a victim of aggression. Russia arbitrarily decided to carry out aggression against its neighbour — an independent free country. This war has been going on for a year now, in which no rules are followed, including the laws of war, and we know absolutely clearly who is responsible for this," Catherine Colonna.

The minister added that a "hybrid tribunal" could be created against the Russian military-political leadership on the basis of Ukrainian legislation with the addition of international expertise.

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