€700 Million in Response to Russia’s Invasion

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, June 10, 2022
€700 Million in Response to Russia’s Invasion

The European Union will add to the already allocated Ukraine €500 million, €205 million

On the website of the European Commission, there was a report on the allocation of additional humanitarian aid for Ukraine. The financial size of the new aid will be €205 million.

Humanitarian assistance will be provided to Ukrainians who are forced to live in critical conditions. It should be noted that during the three months of the war in the country more than 7 million internally displaced persons.

These are people who were leaving hot spots, fleeing the aggression of Russian soldiers. Often internally displaced persons do not have enough seasonal clothing or any material wealth (machinery, money, small equipment). These people are forced to restart their lives at a difficult time for the country. So, the European Commission has therefore provided additional aid funds.

"For more than a hundred days, we have witnessed unnecessary suffering and countless violations of international humanitarian law. At this moment of crisis, we have to support the most vulnerable. We have quickly responded by significantly expanding our presence in Ukraine. Thanks to this funding, our humanitarian partners are providing food, water, health care, shelter, protection, and cash assistance," said crisis management commissioner Janez Lenarcic.

The new humanitarian tranche will complement the previous one. Recall that on May 24, the European Union decided to provide financial assistance of €500 million. Together with the new aid, the tranche will amount to more than €700 million.

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