Electronic Resource Starts to Work in Ukraine

Wednesday, June 16, 2021
Electronic Resource Starts to Work in Ukraine

With the help of the register, open-access employers will be able to verify the authenticity of documents on the qualifications of employees

Qualifications centers will assess the learning outcomes of non-formal or informal learning, assign professional qualifications and recognize professional qualifications obtained in other countries.

According to Yurii Balaniuk, head of the national qualifications agency, at the first stage the register will contain information on accredited qualification centers, documents confirming the assignment of qualifications to a particular person, a list of professional standards, applications for their development, information on qualification center accreditation experts and qualification information.

"HR departments will no longer need to search on various resources, usually paper, for information on the list of qualifications, the necessary competencies of employees or the availability of a professional standard. All this can be obtained on a single resource," said Yurii Balaniuk.

The National qualifications agency also notes that at the end of 2020 the register of qualifications was launched in beta and is now ready for full operation.

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