“EBRD” and “Piraeus Bank” allocated €3.1 million to the Ukrainian “Tatrafan”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, November 17, 2021
“EBRD” and “Piraeus Bank” allocated €3.1 million to the Ukrainian “Tatrafan”

The "European Bank for Reconstruction and Development" and "Piraeus Bank" in Ukraine are joining forces to support LLC "Tatrafan," a Ukrainian manufacturer of packaging films

The EBRD and Piraeus Bank funds will be used to increase production capacity and meet the working capital requirements of the Ukrainian packaging manufacturer Tatrafan

Piraeus Bank provides a loan of €3.1 million, while the EBRD takes on half of the risk on this loan through its Risk sharing program. Tatrafan uses the loan to increase production capacity and meet working capital and capital investment needs.

More about Tatrafan

The company manufactures biaxially oriented polypropylene films, printed polymeric packaging and packaging from combined films for food and non-food products, plastic and polypropylene bags for food storage. Tatrafan produces multilayer barrier packaging and bags, specializes in flexographic printing on polymer films. The company has its own graphic studio and printing plate production.

Tatrafan is part of a group of companies engaged in the production of plastic packaging in Bulgaria, Finland and Slovakia.

Briefly about investors

  • Piraeus Bank Ukraine is a commercial bank that is a 100% subsidiary of the Greek Piraeus Group and serves corporate clients, small and medium enterprises and individuals.
  • The EBRD is a leading institutional investor in Ukraine. The bank has already invested more than €15.5 billion in 507 projects across the country, focusing on helping stabilize the economy, consolidate reform results, improve energy efficiency and energy security, and support projects in agriculture, industry and small and medium-sized businesses. 
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