Ukraine Launches Beta Test for Register of Losses Application in Diya

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, June 27, 2024
Ukraine Launches Beta Test for Register of Losses Application in Diya

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine has announced the beta testing phase for submitting applications to the international Register of Damages through the Diya platform

This initiative allows Ukrainians to report damaged or destroyed property located in occupied territories or combat zones, forming a basis for future reparations.

Key Features of the Beta Test

  • Accessible via Diya: Ukrainians can now apply to the Register of Damages through the Diya app. The service aims to streamline the process and ensure accurate reporting of property losses.
  • Join the Beta Test: Interested participants can join the beta test by following the link provided by the Ministry of Digital Transformation.
  • Eligibility Criteria:
    • Property ownership is not registered in the State Register of Real Property Rights.
    • There is no existing deed on the damaged property or application for the Restoration program.
    • The property is located in temporarily occupied territories or war zones.
    • Participants must be adult citizens of Ukraine and possess a taxpayer’s card.

Purpose and Impact

The submitted applications will contribute to the international Register of Damages, serving as a foundation for reparations that Russia will be required to pay for the destruction caused by its aggression. The Ministry emphasizes the importance of every Ukrainian participating in this process to ensure comprehensive documentation of losses.


  • International Register of Damages: Established under the Council of Europe, this register documents the damages inflicted on Ukraine due to Russian aggression since February 24, 2022. It will also serve as a platform for registering financial claims from affected parties against Russia.
  • Recent Developments: In March 2024, the office of the Register of Damages opened in Kyiv. By May 17, during the Council of Europe summit in Reykjavík, over 40 countries and the European Union agreed to support the initiative.

Additional Features in Diya

The Ministry of Digital Transformation is continuously expanding the capabilities of the Diya platform. Plans include introducing certificates for marriage, divorce, and name changes, with ongoing beta testing for these new services.

For further participation and updates, users can follow the Ministry's announcements and engage with the beta testing process to ensure their losses are accurately documented and considered for future reparations.

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