Urmas Reinsalu About Ukraine Today in After the Victory

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, March 29, 2023
Urmas Reinsalu About Ukraine Today in After the Victory

The MFA of Estonia called Ukraine's membership in NATO a preventive measure against a repeated Russian military attack on Europe

The MFA Urmas Reinsalu commented on Ukraine's participation in ensuring pan-European security. According to Reinsalu, he believes in the strength of Article 5 of NATO, but security in Europe today is ensured not by the Alliance's charter but by Ukraine.

"Can we be safe on the European continent will be decided on the battlefields of Ukraine," Urmas Reinsalu.

The minister did not ignore the fact that many states hardly dare to provide weapons to Ukraine. To which Reinsalu said that today the international armament of Ukraine is a strategic prospect. The minister emphasized the need to create "a new, strong, sustainable joint arms procurement system, which should replenish the stockpiles of Western countries, as well as provide stable supplies to Ukraine." And this is the only way that Western countries can bring Ukraine closer to victory in the war.

The teenager insists that the country should get all the weapons it needs, but none of them can be called a game changer. For example, F-16: Ukrainian pilots learn to fly these fighters, and Western Ukraine will provide Ukraine with this equipment. It will become part of the shield over Ukraine, will help launch missiles against enemy C-300s, and will be an advantage in the military perspective. But not in the strategic one.

"So I would really urge those countries that have these weapons systems to put a truly strategic perspective on investing in Ukrainian victory."

What about the future of post-war Ukraine? Ukraine should be in NATO not out of respect for its feat but because it is one of the two conditions for the further security of Europe against Russian aggression. Urmas Reinsalu states that the prevention of "grey areas" in the centre of the continent should be the first lesson for the civilized world. Therefore, after the victory, Ukraine should be promptly included in NATO.

"If someone suggests postponing it for the indefinite future or freezing the practical processes of accession, then such indecision could be interpreted as the fact that Russia may attack Ukraine again. This would mean that in the midst of the first war, we seem to be prophesying the second war. And this is absolutely unacceptable."

The second condition for guaranteed security would be a "fully armed Ukraine with nuclear weapons." However, before arming Ukraine with nuclear weapons, it is necessary to disarm Russia.

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