EBRD in 2023 Invests in Ukraine €3 Bln 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, January 26, 2023
EBRD in 2023 Invests in Ukraine €3 Bln 

This year, the volume of investment by the bank and the accumulated donor €1.4 billion will be directed to the restoration of Ukraine

On January 25, the EBRD's press release published information about the bank's investment in Ukraine. In 2022, the EBRD invested €1.7 billion and €200 million in donor funds in Ukraine. In 2023, support will not decrease but will increase.

"Thus, the EBRD fulfils its commitment to invest €3 billion in Ukraine by the end of 2023, with the exclusive support of shareholders and donors who bear part of the risk associated with the bank's respective investments," Matteo Patrone, EBRD director for Eastern Europe and the Caucasus.

In addition to €3 billion, the EBRD provided €1.4 billion through donor initiatives, partly in the form of unfunded guarantees. Funds and guarantees will be directed to support Ukraine and the states that are most exposed to economic risk due to the Russian war.

"We want to keep the same number of activities, if not more, than in 2022, but it is clear that we must remain extremely flexible in terms of investment directions," Matteo Patrone.

In 2023, the bank will focus on sponsoring the restoration of Ukrainian infrastructure and urgent repair projects. Perhaps there will also be an emphasis on financing urban transport and infrastructure.

In 2022, the bank took on 60% of investment risks and focused on creating a space in Ukraine with an uninterrupted supply of electricity/heating, vibrant business, rail transport and the functioning of communities. For the most part, the bank operates through private companies and in tandem with its business partners.

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