Electronic Court in “Diia”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, July 27, 2022
Electronic Court in “Diia”

On July 27, the parliament of Ukraine adopted a bill on electronic court

The Verkhovna Rada adopted draft law No. 7315, which provides for the possibility of sending information about the date and time of the court session, as well as the court decision through the Diia application.

The document is dictated by the demands of the time and the conditions in which the country now finds itself, including the judiciary, notes Denys Maslov, a member of the legal policy committee.

"The bill solves several important problems. In particular, this is an opportunity to quickly and conveniently receive information about a court case through Diia. Now there is no need to wait for subpoenas by mail, to expect to receive a paper text of the court decision because all the information will immediately be available in Action in electronic form," Denys Maslov.

In addition, the legislative initiative allows for holding a meeting of judges of a particular court remotely during a martial/state of emergency.

In preparation for the second reading, a necessary provision has been introduced into the bill regarding the assignment of judges from courts that are temporarily unable to administer justice and are located in a zone of active hostilities.

Now it is possible to send such judges to other courts to continue working on the peaceful territory of Ukraine only with their consent. And most of the judges have already done this by submitting an appropriate application.

"However, there remains a part of individual judges who, for various reasons, continue to be in courts that do not deliver justice. Some don't even get in touch with the High Council of Justice, which is a concern. But at the same time, such persons continue to receive judicial remuneration. Therefore, draft law No. 7315 proposes to provide an opportunity to second such judges without their consent. This is a forced but necessary measure during wartime. During the war, all officials must be in their place and perform the functions assigned to them, and the state must ensure this," Maslov.

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