Emmanuel Macron in the Capital of Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, June 4, 2022
Emmanuel Macron in the Capital of Ukraine

The president of France is considering visiting Kiev

French president Emmanuel Macron supports the Ukrainian side, but he has never been to Ukraine's capital since the war began. Three months later, a French politician talks about the permissibility of a trip to Ukraine.

It is worth noting that many colleagues of Macron have already visited Ukraine and liberated areas of the Kyiv region. Personal visits help to understand the scale of the tragedy and admit that Putin is a criminal. Now Emmanuel Macron is negotiating with Putin, supports Zelenskyy, and believes that Russia should not be turned into a pariah.

"I told him that he had made a historical and fundamental mistake for his people, himself, and history. But we should not humiliate Russia so that after the end of hostilities, to conclude a peace agreement," said the president of France.

Europe has often criticized Macron's policies for saying this. That is why the visit of the French president is so important. It will help to see the war and the frozen lives of people. Moreover, Macron wants to resolve the grain crisis. For this, it is necessary to talk to Ukrainian politicians.

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