Employment of Foreigners in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, June 26, 2023
Employment of Foreigners in Ukraine

Necessary documents, employment procedure, rights and obligations

According to the constitution of Ukraine, a foreign citizen on the territory of Ukraine has the same freedoms and guarantees as a citizen of Ukraine. Accordingly, a foreigner can work here, i.e., receive an employee's status, and the labour code of Ukraine will regulate his activities. To use these rights, a foreigner needs to legalise his stay on the territory of Ukraine by obtaining a residence permit or a work permit.

Option 1. The legalisation of stay by obtaining a work permit.

In this option, a foreigner can get a job from a Ukrainian legal or private person who will grant the foreigner a work permit. For this, the foreigner must provide the employer with a package of documents, and the employer completes it and submits it to the state employment service:

  • A copy of the passport with a translation into Ukrainian;
  • A colour  3.5×4.5 cm photo;
  • A copy of the diploma.

After obtaining a work permit, the Ukrainian employer officially provides the foreigner with a specific workplace, job position and employment permit.

Which groups of foreigners do not need to obtain an employment permit to work in Ukraine:

  • Foreigners with a residence permit;
  • Refugees and migrants;
  • Employees of foreign mass media, teachers, sportsmen and artists.

Option 2. The residence permit.

To obtain this permit, a foreign citizen first must obtain a D visa and then prepare a package of documents:

  • Passport with Ukrainian translation. The translation must be certified by apostillation, notarial or consular certification, depending on the nationality of the foreigner;
  • Identity card of a legal representative of the foreigner and a document confirming the legality of obtaining the status of a legal representative;
  • A copy of the decision to grant an immigration permit;
  • Application for obtaining a residence permit.

This package of documents should be sent to one of these institutes:

  • State migration service;
  • State enterprise Dokument.

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