Need for an Urgent Closure of Sky

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, March 3, 2022
Need for an Urgent Closure of Sky

The Ukrainians are asking NATO to close its airspace to Russia

The NATO member states on openPetition called for the closure of airspace over Ukraine. One million signatures were needed to promote the petition. The required number of signatures has been collected, so NATO must now consider the Ukrainians' request.

If NATO closes its airspace over Ukraine, Russian aircraft will be destroyed in the neutral zone. The air threat will be dealt with by NATO itself.

But as long as there is no reaction from the organization, Ukrainian politicians are asking to close the sky at least over strategic objects that affect the fate of the whole world. These include gas pipelines, nuclear power plants, etc.

The Ukrainian people also asks:

  • Introduce NATO peacekeeping troops into Ukraine;
  • Provide military assistance to the capital;
  • Support the Ukrainian people.
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