Adopt a Kidnapped Child and Go to Jail 

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, March 29, 2023
Adopt a Kidnapped Child and Go to Jail 

Ukraine has identified the Russians who criminally "adopted" Ukrainian children

The Ministry of integration of Ukraine did not receive from Russia the lists of children illegally abducted by the occupiers from Ukraine. However, there is a success: Ukraine established the identities of Russian citizens who adopted deported children. This is the same crime as the "legalization of adoption", for which Lvova-Belova will be held responsible in The Hague.

"Your identities are not a big secret: neither for Ukrainian nor for international law enforcement agencies. For example, residents of the Moscow region of Rudnytska, Tripolets, Serikov, Marchenko, etc. We are talking about dozens of Russian citizens who, for some reason, decided that they are allowed to adopt orphans stolen from Ukraine," minister of reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine Iryna Vereshchuk.

These "guardians" and "adoptive" parents are essentially complicit in the crime and will be held accountable for what they have done.

The boy on the cover of the article is not kidnapped. He is safe and sound in England. 

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