Endocapsule Examination of a Child Organism 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Saturday, April 15, 2023
Endocapsule Examination of a Child Organism 

The Ministry of health of Ukraine reported on the start of endocapsule research in the first hospital in Kyiv 

The first endocapsule examination in Ukraine was held in Kyiv, in the Ohmatdyt hospital. The Ministry of health noted that with the help of a tiny camera in the form of a capsule which helps to study the mucous membrane of a thin intestine – otherwise, it is impossible to see it. This technology is necessary to study the body of patients and treatment, including people with oncological diseases. Capsules can be used for children from 2 years. The chamber is swallowed like a pill and washed down with water. The device is disposable and comes out naturally.

"While the study is ongoing, the patient can jump, walk, run, sit, lie, and play. An hour after swallowing the capsule, you can already drink, and after 3 to eat," said the Ministry representative.

Also, an accelerator for radiation therapy appeared in the clinic Ohmatdyt. It can be used for children with cancer. Therefore, the capital of Ukraine will provide a set of procedures for children with severe oncological pathology according to the most modern world methods. 

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