Established Criteria for Determining Subject to Sanctions

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, May 12, 2022
Established Criteria for Determining Subject to Sanctions

Parliament voted for a draft law amended by the president, which clearly defines aggressors and their collaborators and opens up the possibility of confiscation of their property

On May 12, information on the adoption of bill No. 7194 was published on the portal of the presidential party Servant of the people.

The bill is aimed at 3 vectors:

  • A clear definition of a person who supports Russian aggression and facilitates the implementation of Putin's illegal imperial plans against Ukraine and its people;
  • Imposition of sanctions on persons from the first paragraph;
  • Criteria for blocking and confiscation of the assets of these persons.

It is known that on April 1, parliamentarians submitted the bill to president Zelenskyy for consideration, and he returned it for revision. The updated bill includes clear criteria for determining those who support and facilitate Russian aggression. Now the possibility of different interpretations of the concept of "collaborator" and avoidance of responsibility for criminal activity has been completely eliminated.

We remind you that Ukraine already has experience of confiscating a pro-Russian personality who acted to the detriment of Ukraine and contributed to the spread of Putin's tentacles to our country. For example, Ukraine blocked and confiscated the assets of Ukraine's traitorous former president, Viktor Yanukovych.

"I do not doubt that the Russians will appeal against such decisions. But we have experience in litigation with Gazprom, which we overcame in international arbitration. This proves that we can effectively prove our rights in court and I am sure that international law will be on the side of Ukraine," first vice speaker of the parliament Oleksandr Korniyenko.

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