Estonia Formed a New Military Package for Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, October 13, 2022
Estonia Formed a New Military Package for Ukraine

On October 13, Kaja Kallas announced a new tranche of military assistance for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The 6th meeting of the Contact group for the defence of Ukraine is taking place in Brussels today. On October 12-13, several countries made a statement regarding strengthening Ukraine's military and humanitarian support. Today, Estonian prime minister Kaja Kallas announced the preparation of a new aid package for the Ukrainian army.

"Estonia just approved a new military aid package to Ukraine. We are sending winter gear, equipment and ammunition to Ukraine. We will deliver them fast. Let us all speed up our help, so Ukrainians can free their territories. This is the way to peace," Kaja Kallas.

It is known that the package includes winter equipment and ammunition. This assistance is extremely important for Ukraine, as winter is coming, and our soldiers must be able to continue to defend the country.

Currently, Estonia has given Ukraine a third of its annual defence budget.

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