Ukraine Will Receive Air Defense From the USA by Winter

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, October 13, 2022
Ukraine Will Receive Air Defense From the USA by Winter

Holland allocated €15 mln for missiles for Ukrainian air defence systems, Canada — $47 million for shells for howitzers

On October 12, at a Contact group meeting on the defence of Ukraine, the United States, Canada, and the Netherlands made statements about ensuring the protection of Ukraine against the background of increased Russian air aggression against the civilian population and infrastructure. The United States will transfer air defences to Ukraine and do so as quickly as logistics will allow.

"The systems will be delivered as quickly as we can physically put there. So, as I said before, that's where we're focusing, and we'll provide the systems we have — which countries like Germany have," Lloyd Austin.

The state plans to provide Ukraine with these means to strengthen its defence capabilities against the background of the approaching winter and to provide Ukraine with support for the proposed reconquest of its territories.

"The battlefield remains dynamic, and winter is always a challenge regarding combat operations. But the international community remains united and ready to do everything possible to help Ukraine protect its interests and defend its sovereign territory," said minister Austin.

Dutch defence minister Kajsa Ollongren said that Holland is ready to allocate €15 million on missiles to Ukraine to install anti-aircraft and anti-missile defence.

"The supply of missiles with a book value of more than €15 million comes in the light of recent Russian attacks on Ukraine, during which there were also victims among the civilian population. The government strongly condemns these attacks. By partially disclosing this contribution, the government also wants to send a signal to Russia," Kajsa Ollongren.

According to the minister, the missile attack on Ukraine's civil and energy infrastructure on October 10 once again confirmed Russia's bloodthirsty strategy. It is necessary to respond with even greater solidarity around Ukraine.

"I also emphasized during direct consultations with the minister of defence of Ukraine that the Netherlands, like our partners, will not be intimidated by Russia and will continue to support Ukraine," Kajsa Ollongren.

Canadian representatives said that the state is ready to provide Ukraine with $47 million in support. This package will include shells for howitzers and warm clothes for the Ukrainian military. Both points are urgent for Ukraine.

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