by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, October 12, 2022

On October 12, the Contact group on the defence of Ukraine meeting started

The Contact group on the defence of Ukraine summit, headed by Lloyd Austin, began today in Brussels. This is the 6th meeting, which started almost immediately after another terrorist attack by the Russian army against Ukraine. The CG chairman said this tragedy did not break the Ukrainians but united them even more. We remind you that Ukrainians have already collected more than $5 million to purchase kamikaze drones.

"Countriesworldwided have rejected Putin's gloomy vision of a world where big countries can change borders by force," Lloyd Austin.

According to the US secretary of defence, regardless of the tactics of the Russian army, the Ukrainians continue to liberate their territories from occupation and resume control over their cities.

"These victories belong to Ukrainian soldiers. However, help and training from the countries of the Contact Group played a vital role," Lloyd Austin.

Austin said that now and in the long term, CG will continue to support Ukraine, provide weapons for the state's defence, and respond to Ukraine's urgent needs.

On October 12-13, a summit of NATO defence ministers is also taking place, at which the topic of Ukraine will also be raised. It is planned to review the capabilities of NATO, tools to counter possible Russian attacks on critical infrastructure, and, separately — the topic of Russia's sabotage of the Nord Stream.

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