Estonia Helps Ukraine to Receive the First Reparations 

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, March 21, 2023
Estonia Helps Ukraine to Receive the First Reparations 

The government of Estonia has found legitimate ways to use the assets of the RF to rebuild Ukraine 

The Ministry of foreign affairs of Estonia prepares a bill on expedited compensation for Ukraine because of losses caused by the Kremlin. It is expected to perform in a few months. Estonia proposes Ukraine file a claim against Russia for damages. This will be a futile position for the Kremlin because it is either necessary to accept the lawsuit or ignore the ruling. If Russia takes part in the dispute, Ukraine's victory is clear. Especially given the recent UN report on Russian crimes.

In case Moscow ignores the claim, Estonia proposes to pass a new bill. According to the law, the refusal to pay damages will allow the transfer of some Russian funds frozen in Estonia, Ukraine in an expedited order.

"To reach an agreement with the Russians on compensation for damages. If that does not happen, we will have the legal opportunity to use the frozen assets as a form of pre-payment of damages," Kerli Veski, director general of legal affairs of the Ministry of foreign affairs, explained the project.

If the Estonian government adopted the proposed bill, and it is the first such practice. The Estonian foreign Ministry expects that such a decision will become an example for Europe.

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