Estonia Transfers Equipment from Narva Power Plants to Restore Ukraine’s Energy Infrastructure

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, June 3, 2024
Estonia Transfers Equipment from Narva Power Plants to Restore Ukraine’s Energy Infrastructure

Estonia has initiated the transfer of a 200-megawatt unit from the Narva Power Plants to aid in the restoration of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure

This unit is capable of providing electricity to approximately 150,000 people, as reported by the Embassy of Estonia in Ukraine.

Key Details:

  • Soviet-Style Equipment: The equipment, originally decommissioned in Estonia, is deemed suitable for the restoration of Ukraine's energy infrastructure. It will help regain some of the energy capacities lost due to the ongoing conflict.
  • Recipient: The equipment will be handed over to DTEK Group, one of Ukraine's largest energy producers.

Logistics and Assembly:

  • Disassembly and Transportation: The generator, turbine, and transformers of this unit are the largest parts, necessitating partial disassembly for transportation. The smallest piece is reportedly the size of a private house.
  • Duration and Collaboration: The entire process of disassembly and transportation will take 3-4 months. Estonian specialists, alongside representatives from Ukraine, will carry out the disassembly. Ukrainian energy workers will reassemble the unit on-site.
  • Funding: The European Union will cover the costs of dismantling and transporting the equipment.

Statements from Officials:

  • Andres Vainola, Board Member of Enefit Eesti: Highlighted the logistical challenge of transporting such large components, likening it to assembling a large-scale Lego set.
  • Mart Virklaev, Estonian Finance Minister: Emphasized the importance of this assistance, especially as Russia continues to target Ukraine's energy infrastructure. He noted that Estonia no longer uses these power units, but they will be beneficial for the people and businesses in Ukraine. "We want the houses of Ukrainians to have light and warmth," Virklaev added.

This initiative reflects Estonia's commitment to supporting Ukraine in rebuilding its energy sector, ensuring that vital services can continue amidst ongoing disruptions.

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