EU Provides Vital Demining Equipment to Ukraine: Enhancing Safety and Efficiency

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, February 7, 2024
EU Provides Vital Demining Equipment to Ukraine: Enhancing Safety and Efficiency

In a significant move to support Ukraine’s demining efforts, the European Union has delivered the advanced DOK-ING MV-10 demining system to the State Service of Special Transport of Ukraine

This contribution is part of a comprehensive EU aid package worth 25 million euros, dedicated to humanitarian demining in Ukraine, announced during the EU-Ukraine summit in February 2023.

The aid package is tailored to the needs of Ukrainian state demining operators and includes a range of essential equipment, from basic tools for demining teams to sophisticated pyrotechnic vehicles and robotic demining systems. The MV-10 system stands out for its capability to neutralize both anti-personnel and anti-tank mines, as well as other unexploded ordnance, making it a critical asset in clearing large areas of land.

Operated remotely for enhanced safety, the MV-10 can demine up to 4,000 square meters per hour, even on challenging terrains such as steep slopes. EU support extends beyond equipment delivery, incorporating specialized training for Ukrainian operators on the MV-10 system, ensuring effective and safe utilization of this advanced technology.

The MV-10's versatility is highlighted by its dual-tool functionality: a rotating chain tool for detonating or neutralizing mines and a rotary cultivator for secondary processing and consistent soil loosening. These tools can operate both simultaneously and independently, with additional attachments like a roller and a blade/grab unit further expanding its capabilities. Controlled remotely by a single operator, the MV-10 boasts a maximum cleaning depth of 60 cm and a productivity rate of up to 5,000 m² per hour.

This latest EU contribution to Ukraine's demining efforts reflects a growing international commitment to support Kyiv in addressing one of the war's most pressing challenges. The initiative is part of broader international support, including contributions from the Lithuanian-led demining coalition and financial aid from countries like Sweden and the Netherlands, aimed at securing and rehabilitating land for safe use and agricultural productivity.

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