European Union Supports Ukrainian “Peace Formula”

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, June 28, 2023
European Union Supports Ukrainian “Peace Formula”

Borrell: ''Ukraine remains our #1 priority''

On June 27, at a meeting of the European Council, Josep Borrell recalled that the European Union supports Ukraine and the peace Formula, which prescribes the conditions under which peace will prevail in our country and Europe.

"We reaffirmed support for the peace formula proposed by Ukraine and are looking for the widest possible support for it. It will be a big job for the European Service and also for me to get support for Ukraine around the world, support for a just, fair and lasting peace," Josep Borrell.

We remind you that Eurocouncil increased the budget of the European Peace facility by €3.5 billion in order to be able to help Ukraine without delay.

"Ukraine remains our #1 priority. We are formally adopting today our 2nd EPF top-up worth €3.5 billion. We will continue to double down on our military support on both equipment and training. For as long as it takes," Josep Borrell at the June 26 meeting of the Council.

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