No One Cares About Putin’s Plans For Grain Blockade 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, November 1, 2022
No One Cares About Putin’s Plans For Grain Blockade 

Ukraine opened the Danube grain route: the delivery of products from the river port to the sea ship started to work in Ukraine

On October 31, the general director of the state organization Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company, Dmytro Moskalenko said that it is now possible to supply agricultural products by water without coordinating actions with Russia. The export program of products is called the Danube grain track, it began to develop in the summer as an alternative to the "grain corridor", which the rules dictated by the Russian invaders. Delivery is made across the river to large sea vessels. The project involves a group of companies TTS from Romania. Ukrainian-Russian agrarian relations allow to quickly, efficiently, and without agreements with the aggressor country to redirect agricultural products to all countries of the world. The map shows the Romanian port of Constanta. It is located in the Black sea. 

The implementation of the project and the correct delivery of cargo are controlled by online control, video surveillance, and the presence of a large number of personnel.

"With a faster loading and unloading process, the average turnaround time of the caravan will be reduced by about 30%. Owners of the cargo will not have to bear financial losses due to long waiting in line at the terminal," said Moskalenko.

Later the project will be supplemented by their barges.

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