Partial Unblock of the Black Sea for Grain Export 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, July 10, 2022
Partial Unblock of the Black Sea for Grain Export 

By recapturing of the Serpent's island, the Armed Forces of Ukraine made it possible to export Ukrainian grain along the Danube-Black sea route

On July 4, the Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated a strategically important section of Ukrainian territory — Serpent island. Today, the Ukrainian flag flies over the island and the country's government is restoring its presence at the facility.

On July 10, the Ministry of infrastructure announced that the return of Serpent island under the jurisdiction of Ukraine will partially unblock the export of Ukrainian grain from Ukrainian ports across the Black sea.

"Given the liberation of theSerpent island from the Russian troops and the accumulation of a large number of ships waiting to pass through the Sulina canal, it is possible to use the canal of the mouth of the Bystry ship passage of the Danube-Black Sea river for the entry/exit of ships carrying agricultural products," Ministry of infrastructure.

Thus, if you want to prevent world hunger, arm Ukraine.

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