Advisor to the US Congress on the Same Wave With Ukrainians

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, July 10, 2022
Advisor to the US Congress on the Same Wave With Ukrainians

Senior policy advisor: "HIMARS break the stalemate and enable Ukraine to win. Send more."

American politician, adviser to the US Congress, and a fan of Ukrainian memes Paul Massaro calls to support Ukraine. In his speeches and tweets, the politician fully expresses respect for our people, our uniqueness, and the need to arm Ukraine to the teeth:

"The fastest way to end the war is more HIMARS for Ukraine." And after some time, Massaro added that Russia would not be able to cope with the new weapon, which was masterfully mastered by the AFU: "Russia didn't expext HIMARS."

Massaro never tires of repeating that Ukraine is fighting not only for its land but for the whole of Europe and the world: "Ukrainian victory is good for Ukrainians, good for Russians, good for Europeans, good for Americans, good for the world."

"Ukraine saved the democratic world. It continues to fight for all of us. The least we can do is stay focused – for Ukraine and for our own security and well-being."

"It is our duty to help Ukraine."

"Everything depends on Ukrainian victory."

"Worried about inflation? Help Ukraine win ASAP."

Paul Massaro is exactly that American politician with whom the Ukrainians have developed particularly warm relations. Despite the war, Ukrainians do not lose one of their strongest qualities — a sense of humor. For almost every significant event in this war, Ukrainians invent and post memes: the signing of a lend-lease, Germany's promises, Ukraine's obtaining the status of the EU candidate, the purchase of Bayraktars, etc. This is a way to raise the morale of Ukrainians and unite the whole country in this bloody and terrible time appreciated by Paul Massaro.

"Ukrainians are REALLY good at memes," Massaro tweeted. Of course, this one fell in love with all Ukrainians who already know how to read, and they have already made a meme out of it.

"We must resist fatigue. Total support for Ukraine until the war is won – and well after," wrote Paul Massaro and retweeted the meme from the Uamemesforce – Ukrainian meme Twitter channel.

Glory to Ukraine!

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