Evidence of Lukashenko’s Participation in the Deportation of Ukrainian Children

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, July 20, 2023
Evidence of Lukashenko’s Participation in the Deportation of Ukrainian Children

4 Belarusian camps for re-education and erasure of the national identity of children kidnapped from Ukraine

The self-proclaimed president of Belarus, Lukashenko, who has long been a puppet of Putin, is helping a war criminal to take children out of Ukraine. 4 camps were created on the territory of Belarus, where Ukrainian children are housed, and anti-Ukrainian propaganda, political re-education and other methods of erasing Ukrainian identity are used against them. This is evidenced by a document signed by the head of the Russian-Belarusian organisation: the document regulates the "transportation of Donbas children for rehabilitation to fraternal Belarus" by order of Lukashenko. The document was made public by a group of Belarusian oppositionists and exiles, who submitted it to the International Criminal Court as proof of the involvement of the illegitimate president in the genocide of Ukrainians.

"The Telegraph has also found that children detained in holding camps in Russia are forced to undergo re-education and beaten if they refuse to comply. Ukrainian children are often told they are Russian, forced to learn the Russian national anthem, spoken to only in Russian, and taught to denounce Ukraine before being adopted or fostered," The Telegraph. 

There are thousands of Ukrainian children aged 6 to 17 in these camps. Children over the age of 15 are taught how to handle weapons on the territory of the camps. Boys under the age of 18 are in particular danger, as soon as they turn 18 (the age of majority) they will be conscripted into the Russian army and sent to fight against Ukraine. Try to imagine that a child who is barely 18 is waiting for a war.

We remind you that Russia abducts children from Ukraine under the pretext of "protection", "treatment", or "rest in children's camps", and instead of camps or hospitals, children are sent to the occupied territories of Ukraine, to Russia, to Belarus, for adoption, and their parents no longer see their children. Currently, out of thousands of deported children, only 361 managed to return home. Illustration — The Telegraph.

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