Organization of the School Process in Ukraine

Tuesday, June 7, 2022
Organization of the School Process in Ukraine

Conditions for launching and holding the academic year in free and temporarily occupied regions of Ukraine

Ukraine will develop children’s national dignity, and the ability to defend themselves and save themselves from war. Russia plans to teach Ukrainian children Russian standards: without the Ukrainian language/literature and the English language. 

On 6 June, the general directorate of intelligence of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine reported on the status of the training process in the occupied territories. For Ukrainian children, it is planned to create training camps so that they will prepare for the school program, which is used in Russia for 3 months of the summer. It seems that Russia considers Ukrainian children stupid and uneducated. However, it is Ukrainians who most often win at the Olympiads and reach international levels of cooperation. Such camps also directly violate the rights of the child. Children cannot study all year and this is documented in the international convention on the rights of the child.

The occupiers also continue to put pressure on Kherson, who has not surrendered. While the residents of Kherson consider themselves Ukrainians, Russian soldiers gather teachers and school directors. At the last meeting, the occupiers asked the schools to switch to the Russian Federation curriculum. Of the 60 directors who agreed to adopt the program only 2.

Ukrainian children and schools are preparing to leave online lessons. On September 1, they want to open all schools located in safe parts of Ukraine. Ukrainian students will also change the school curriculum. Teachers will teach children how to deal with explosive devices, distinguish types of mines and provide first aid. At the same time, subjects such as the Russian language and literature are not yet excluded from the school curriculum. But several Russian writers will be removed from the literary program. For example, Lev Tolstoy (the book War and Peace).

The ministry of education of Ukraine will no longer allow literary works in which the authors praise the Russian troops.

We note that earlier in Russia they declared the need to refuse to learn "enemy", the English language.

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