Russians Executed 77 Ukrainian Civilians

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, June 28, 2023
Russians Executed 77 Ukrainian Civilians

Their latest victims are 2 boys aged 16 from Berdyansk town, Zaporizhzhia region

Berdyansk on the shore of the Azov sea, Zaporizhzhia region. 2 schoolchildren, Tigran Hovhannisyan and Mykyta Khanganov, lived here. For a pro-Ukrainian position, the Russian occupiers have been persecuting these guys since September 2022, regularly imprisoned them (despite the fact that boys, Tigran and Nikita, are minors), tortured with electricity, demanded confessions in anti-Russian activities and blowing the railway.

On June 24, was published a selfie video where Tigran says "...that's it, boys, this is death. Glory to Ukraine," and never appeared online again. On June 26, the occupying "authorities" announced they had "liquidated" Tigran and Mykyta. Once again: the Russians killed 2 boys because they considered themselves Ukrainians and did not want to cooperate with the occupiers.

On June 28, the UN published a report Detention of civilians in the context of the armed attack of the Russian Federation on Ukraine, in which it states that 77 executions have been recorded: the Russians willfully execute and lynch the Ukrainian population in the occupied territories.

"We documented the execution of a total of 77 civilians who were arbitrarily detained by the Russian Federation," head of the UN Human Rights Mission in Ukraine Matilda Bogner.

Bogner reports about 72 men and 5 women. As of February 24, over 800 arbitrary detentions have been recorded.

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