Occupants in the Kherson Region Publicly Executed a Nurse

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, November 5, 2022
Occupants in the Kherson Region Publicly Executed a Nurse

For the exclamation "Skadovsk town is Ukraine!" Russians hanged a woman in front of the courthouse

Kherson region, town of Skadovsk. A 56-year-old resident of the city, nurse Tatyana Mudrenko and her partner Anatolyy Orekhov, from the very beginning of the war, showed a pro-Ukrainian stance and protested against the occupation. In early October, Mudrenko came into conflict with the occupying "police" and declared that "Skadovsk is Ukraine!" The nurse and her partner were detained. On October 15, Mudrenko's friend called her sister, Mrs Chorna (Black — ed.), and was informed that Mudrenko was dead.

"Tanya was hanged. They poured something into her mouth, and then they hung her in front of the courthouse," Ms Chorna retells the informant's words.

Mudrenko's partner, Anatolyy Orekhov, was released. He buried Tatyana, after which he disappeared. Probably he also was killed. Tatyana's sister was not allowed into the morgue for a long time and did not comment on anything. Only recently did my sister receive her wife's death certificate. The report listed the cause of death as "mechanical asphyxia".

The story also became known abroad as it was published by the Financial Times.

The kidnappers and vigilantes of Tatyana Mudrenko are unknown. Hanging is one of the favourite methods of killing among the occupying army. Girls and women often become victims of the invaders: they are raped and then hanged. Passion for this practice has been known since the days of the Russian Soviet Union.

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