Russians in Luhansk Lynch Ukrainians

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, December 4, 2022
Russians in Luhansk Lynch Ukrainians

Occupants crippled and hanged Ukrainians who passed information to the Ukrainian side

On December 4, Ukrainian activist Serhii Sternenko received information and photographs proving Russian atrocities against Ukrainians. In the photo, you see Ukrainians who were physically abused (the bloody clothes prove this) and then hanged. On the plates there is an inscription: "He transmitted information to the enemy. Death to Spies." There is another photo: Ukrainians hanged on them too. And on them, too, the Russians hung signs with the inscriptions "traitor of the Ukrainian people."

This is a public execution of Ukrainians who do not recognize the Russian government and themselves — the Russian people. These Ukrainians were hanged for identifying themselves as Ukrainians. This is genocide.

We remind you that a woman in Kherson was also tortured and hanged in front of the city administration because she demonstrated the Ukrainian position and stated that the city of Skadovsk is Ukraine (Skadovsk is a city in the Kherson region. At that time it was under occupation — ed.).

Also, Russians have not once hanged Ukrainian women who had been raped for days before.

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