Exorcism of a Russian Ambassador

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, April 5, 2022
Exorcism of a Russian Ambassador

As a reaction to the genocide in Bucha, Europe expel Russian diplomats on a long journey and closes embassies

On April 4, the minister of foreign affairs, Annalena Baerbock, announced the deprivation of accreditation and the expel of 40 out of 104 Russian diplomats.

"The images from Bucha testify to the incredible cruelty on the part of the Russian leadership and those who follow its propaganda. The federal government has decided to declare undesirable a significant number of employees of the Russian embassy who worked every day here in Germany against our freedom, against the cohesion of our society," commented Annalena Baerbock.

In response to the massacre in Bucha, on April 4, the French Ministry of foreign affairs summoned Russian ambassador Alexei Meshkov and announced the expulsion of 35 diplomats whose political activity "contradicts the security interests of France."

On April 5, Italian minister of foreign affairs Luigi Di Maio, for reasons of country's security, summoned Russian ambassador Sergei Razov and announced that 30 Russian diplomats were to leave Italy. The expel of diplomats is the result of the Italian authorities coordinating their position with the governments of France and Germany. Italian prime minister Mario Draghi preliminarily discussed this decision with state secretary Franco Gabrielli, who is responsible for security issues.

Danish minister of foreign affairs Jeppe Kofod announced the expelling of 15 employees of the Russian embassy who were engaged in espionage in Denmark. The deprivation and expulsion of diplomats are a consequence of the meat grinder that Russian butchers staged in Bucha. Jeppe Kofod that the footage of the atrocities of the Russian-fascist invaders in the city of Bucha near Kyiv had a strong influence on the decision to say goodbye to Russian diplomats.

Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki has called for an independent commission to investigate Russian war crimes in Ukraine. And he sent 45 Russian diplomats out of the country.

On April 5, Swedish minister of foreign affairs Ann Linde announced the expulsion of 3 Russian diplomats.

"The Ministry of foreign affairs today decided to expel three Russian diplomats... The expulsion of diplomats is not an easy task. This always has consequences even in our own embassy and our own consulate general, we always have to weigh our interests against what we now find it necessary to expel some. But this in no way excludes the possibility that we can deport more people who do not comply with the Vienna Convention," Ann Linde.

Spanish minister of foreign affairs José Manuel Albares during a press conference announced the expulsion of 25 Russian diplomats and embassy staff in Madrid. The decision was taken as a consequence of Russia's crimes in Bucha and Mariupol. José Manuel Albarez says these 25 ex-diplomats pose a security risk to Spain.

On April 4, Lithuania announced its decision to break off diplomatic relations with Russia: the country's Ministry of foreign affairs is expelling the Russian ambassador from Vilnius and its ambassador in Moscow. Lithuania closes the Russian embassy. The Russian Ministry called Lithuania's decision "extremely hostile and aimed at destroying bilateral relations."

On the same day, Latvia expelled 13 Russian ambassadors from the country and closed 2 consulates.

In response to Russia's destructive actions in Ukraine, Estonia expelled 14 diplomats and closed the consulate in Narva and the office in Tartu.

For the genocide against Ukrainians in Bucha, the following countries also sent ambassadors: the Czech Republic — 1 diplomat, the Netherlands 17, Belgium 21, Ireland 4, Slovenia 33 diplomats.

Josep Borrell announced his decision to declare some employees of the Russian embassy to the EU persona non grata.

We also remind you that a meeting of the UN Security Council on the crimes of the invaders in Bucha will be held today. Also this week, President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and Head of EU Diplomacy Josep Borrell will arrive in Kyiv this week.

We remind you that this is the second wave of expelling of Russian diplomats due to Russia's crimes against Ukraine.

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