Expansion of Ukrainian Military Training

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, August 12, 2022
Expansion of Ukrainian Military Training

Specialists from Norway to join Ukrainian military training in Britain

The British are providing comprehensive military assistance to Ukraine. The military training program has become one of the types of assistance. As part of the training of fighters from Ukraine, the capabilities of 2.300 servicemen have already been improved. Britain plans to train at least 10.000 more people by October. To this end, the British ministry of defence is seeking assistance from other countries.

Sweden, Denmark, and Finland are already involved in the military training program for Ukrainian fighters. On 11 August, Norway joined the initiative. 

"Norway has a positive attitude toward the British initiative to train Ukrainian military personnel in the UK. We will send our instructors for basic soldier training, as well as some other countries," said the representative of the Norwegian armed forces.

In addition, the British minister of defense noted that Germany, Latvia, and Canada would continue to join the initiative. Ben Walles noted that the training program will be better and longer because all countries are ready to continue to support Ukraine.

"This conference (the conference in Copenhagen on providing assistance to Ukraine and strengthening its military potential — ed.) sends a clear message to Russia. We will not be drowsy and will be close to Ukraine today, tomorrow, and in the next months. The United Kingdom and partner countries agreed to provide long-term funding, ensuring a constant flow of finance to ensure vital military equipment, necessary maintenance, and maximization of our international program for the preparation of the armed forces of Ukraine," said Valles.

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