Extra Weapon Package for Ukraine From Estonia 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, August 14, 2023
Extra Weapon Package for Ukraine From Estonia 

The government of the country announced the preparation of the aid, which includes light weapons and projectiles 

The minister of defence of Estonia, Hanno Pevkur, spoke about the package of military assistance to Ukraine. It will include small arms and everything necessary for it. According to the politician, Estonia should support Ukraine and show Russia its military aggression will not be justified or forgotten. At the same time, Estonian ambassador Annely Kolk spoke about support for Ukraine. She believes that providing support to Ukraine is essential for Riga because Ukraine has become a protection for all neighbours. Kolk recalls the history of his country when they were also under the occupation control of the Kremlin.

"Since the hostilities outbreak, every Estonian diplomat's main goal has been to support Ukraine. Estonia provides tremendous support. We are aware that Ukraine is fighting for the freedom of the whole of Europe. Russia is also our neighbour, and if Ukraine does not stop it, then this can happen to us," said Annely Kolk.

Estonia has already provided Ukraine more than €400 million in military support.

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