Features of the Ukrainian Satellite Monitoring Centre

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, February 1, 2022
Features of the Ukrainian Satellite Monitoring Centre

Work of the Ukrainian space machine objective monitoring center

After the launch of the Ukrainian apparatus Sich-2-1, the attention to the Ukrainian space industry increased. Including the Ukrainian satellite flight monitoring center. That it is working properly and has clear instructions to resolve any situation, says the reconnected link with Sich-2-1. Let us remind you that contact with the satellite has been lost for some time.

“Communication with our satellite is directed. It works according to the program it has set up, and we hope that the flight-design tests we will pass in the same way as we have passed groundwork and we will be able to pass this satellite for operation for our Ukraine," said the chief designer of the Yuzhnoye Design Bureau, Bilousov Kostiantyn. In addition to a quick, organized response, there are several other features of the operation of the control center.

Among them are:

  • Parabolic satellite antennas are available at the spacecraft control station. With their help, Ukrainian specialists manage spacecraft, including the new Sich model launched in January;
  • A high-powered telescope has also been installed on the center’s hull for comprehensive operation. It monitors spacecraft in orbit;
  • A 12-meter-long satellite dish. It allows real-time tracking of events outside the planet. Its data acquisition rate is 500 megabits per second;
  • Reserve station with unique software. Special software has been developed for the operation of a 5 m antennae in Ukraine. It was written in the Ukrainian city Ternopil and now works to benefit the entire industry and the state.
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