Film Culture During the War

by Roman Cheplyk
Sunday, April 2, 2023
Film Culture During the War

"Netflix", House of Europe and the Ukrainian film academy have prepared scholarships for creators of Ukrainian cinema

100 Ukrainians from the field of cinema (screenwriters, directors, producers) will be able to receive a 1.000 scholarship for developing their idea together with Netflix, House of Europe and the Ukrainian film academy. A grant from American, European and Ukrainian organisations will be available to individual entrepreneurs who meet these criteria:

  • Experience in creating a film;
  • Work in the field of cinematography until 2022;
  • Ukrainian citizenship and age from 18 years.

An application for participation in the competition can be submitted on the website of the Ukrainian film academy, additionally attaching a motivation letter and an identity document.

This is the second program of its kind. The previous 100 participants have already received scholarships and launched their film projects.

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