Finland Energy Supplier Breaks Contracts With Russia

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, November 23, 2022
Finland Energy Supplier Breaks Contracts With Russia

Obviously, Putin thought that the world's dependence on Russian hydrocarbons and energy carriers would deter them from defending Ukraine

The Finnish energy company Fortum is preparing to break up supplies of Russian nuclear fuel due to the aggression against Ukraine. The organization has been a client of the RА since 2008. But in March 2022, following Russia's full-scale offensive in Ukraine, Fortum's leaders decided to break with the aggressor.

However, agreements with Russian companies and subsidiaries will be valid until 2030 and 2027. So, the organization breaks contracts and announces the sale of its assets in Russia. Representatives of the company also established cooperation with the US.

"A tender will be held for the supply of fuel for the new period of the license," Fortum reported.

The energy representative has already submitted all the necessary documents to obtain a permit for further work. Fortum is awaiting a license to continue operating its power plants in Finland until 2050.

Recall that more and more companies refuse to cooperate with Russia every month. This is due to both the war on Ukraine's territory and Russia's deception against buyers. In November, the Russian gas company Gazprom violated a treaty with Moldova. The Russians were supposed to send 11 million m³ of gas daily, but they confirmed only 5.7 million m³ of gas.

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