Chilean Architect Will Build New Irpin

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, September 15, 2022
Chilean Architect Will Build New Irpin

As a strategic consultant to "La Fuente" in 2010, the architect Christian Wittig was involved in the reconstruction of Chile after the earthquake

Chilean architect Christian Wittig, a member of Though, Integral Infrastructure and Urban Planning Solutions and the La Fuente foundation, arrived in Irpin earlier this year to assess the extent of the destruction of the city. Now, as a consultant-architect of the specialized organization Irpin reconstruction summit, Wittig began to develop projects for the renovated facilities of the town.

"I have scheduled meetings with the ambassadors of Poland and the Czech Republic and with the head of the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Republic of Chile. To enlist their support and the support of other businessmen in Chile. But I have one more good news — we are already working on the draft project of the library and cultural centre of the society of writers and poets of Irpin. We are in solidarity with the problems of Irpin, and we wish to contribute to their solution," Christian Wittig.

During the initial city inspection in July this year, the architect concluded that the new city should have developed infrastructure that would provide residents with natural resources — forests, lakes. It follows from this that the city needs to be rebuilt not in height but in width: therefore, according to the idea of ​​​​Christian Wittig, most houses will have patios. The architect also coordinated with the city leadership the creation of a comprehensive system of parks, which bicycle paths will unite. Iran will be even more environmentally friendly and greener than before the war.

We remind you that the master plan for Irpen will be developed by the Japanese architect Hiroki Matsuura.

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