First Russian War Criminals Sent to Prison in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, May 11, 2022
First Russian War Criminals Sent to Prison in Ukraine

6 representatives of the Russian "army" received terms of 8-15 years in a Ukrainian prison for crimes committed in our country and against our citizens. Everyone else will also be responsible

The first Russian occupiers began to be held accountable for crimes committed against Ukraine. The first 6 Russian soldiers who looted, raped, and killed civilians during the hostilities received prison terms and went to jail.

The war criminals, who are already in the hands of Ukraine, are awaiting trial and will join the rest of the prison inmates. 6 prisoners were taken into custody in February-March; 1 received 15 years in prison, 2 — 10 each, and another — 8 years in prison.

On the cover of this article, you see a 21-year-old Russian citizen, a member of the Russian "army". On February 28, 2022, he, with pleasure and without a twinge of conscience, killed an unarmed Ukrainian civilian in the village of Chupakhivka, Sumy region, eastern Ukraine. The man was riding a bicycle and, for the amusement of the Russian killer, was shot in the back. In the coming days, the war criminal will be sentenced and sent to prison for 10-15 years.

Earlier, the court of Ukraine studied the materials, and now, when the evidence has been collected, Themis' conveyor has been launched. All other invaders who are on the territory of Ukraine and commit war crimes will be punished and sent to prison. "Let no one hope that he will be able to commit crimes without consequences," Annalena Baerbock.
As soon as the invaders realized that their criminal actions in Ukraine would not go unpunished, they began to ask the command to hide the evidence of their presence in Ukraine. This was reported by the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. Many of them demand documents confirming that they did not take part in the attack on Ukraine.

"Such appeals have acquired a special scale in parts of the Russian aerospace forces. Most of them were involved in delivering missile and bomb strikes on the territory of Ukraine from airfields in Belarus Lida and Baranovichi, as well as airfields in Russia Borisoglebsk and Marinovka," the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Unfortunately for Russian war criminals, Russia issues such "documents" to its soldiers only in the event of their death — in order to convince the family of the deceased in the battles against Ukraine that "the Kremlin has nothing to do with it."

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